What is QuickBooks file doctor?

If you work with QuickBooks accounting software, then you must have heard about QuickBooks integrated tool known as QuickBooks file doctor available for QuickBooks desktop version since 2016 version. Sometimes you face issues and error with your company files that make you unable to access your company files and sometime they get crash, at this critical time you need the most necessary tool that is QuickBooks file doctor. This tool has a lot of importance and uses in QuickBooks. Use this tool whenever you are unable to access your company files and you get -6000 error. 

QuickBooks file doctor is integration of QuickBooks company file diagnostic tool and QuickBooks network connectivity diagnostic tool. So in simple words it is a file repairing tool used at the time of data corruption and window problems, if you face any issue and help regarding using this tool, you can simply contact QuickBooks support phone number. When you face issue in opening company file this is the time to use QuickBooks file doctor before your important file gets damage or   become unrecoverable. 

At what condition you need QuickBooks File Doctor

Connectivity  issues that occurs with your Internet network.Distinct errors that  keep occurring in your company files.You must need this tool when your data has been damaged.The issues you face while you try to update QuickBooksYour window registry facing corruptionYou may need his tool when you install your software and face issuesIf your firewall settings are configured badly. At the time of -6000 errorsDifferent types of -6000 errors are# -6150 : Means your installation files are corrupted# -6000 82: You don’t have appropriate Access to your QuickBooks# -6000 301 : The file is missing from the location you are searching in.# -6147 : Your windows backup is causing problem.# -6130 : Your windows firewall is not correctly configured.When  your access has been denied to QuickBooks database server manager.All of your vendor’s lists are empty.List of your customers are missing, that may put you in big trouble. Thinks to keep in mind and are necessary before using QuickBooks File DoctorYou must be logged in as administratorNetwork connectivity must be available and continue to upload your filesFile size must be larger than 2GB 

How to download QuickBooks File Doctor

Before downloading QuickBooks file doctor, make sure you don’t have any previous QB File doctor before you start installing the new one.Download package is available at OEM.Follow the instruction after double click the Setup file.Then make selection of PC, Weather it is a host pc or workstation pc.From the drop down menu, select the company file you wish to diagnose.It will start scanning it, and you need to wait till it diagnoses the issue. Please keep in mind always that QB file doctor is the first application you need to run while you face any H series error or H Series error. Many internal glitches of your software cause these kind errors and this tool eliminates possibilities of occurrence of these kinds of errors, you just need to run it once you face these errors. Some common H series errors:-
  H101 – This error code indicates that the computer on which the company file is located need additional configuration. H202 – This error code indicates that QuickBooks can’t access company file that is available on another computer. 

H303 – This error is also associated to the requirement of additional configuration of the system on which the Company file is located.

H505 – This error code occurs when Security software (e.g. Firewall) is blocking access to the system on which file is located

Choose one of the options below after downloading QuickBooks File Doctor

# Both files damage and network connectivity: –  When you suspect that your company file is damaged or corrupted and you face an error such as  -6150, -6000 -305, -6000 -82, -6000 -301, -6130, or -6147 while you try to access your company file. 

# Network connectivity only:- This situation occurs when you are operating the QuickBooks software over a network or a multiuser system  and encounter an H202/H303/H505 error while you try to access the company file.

Types of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool:-

Built-in File Doctor for QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and later. QBFD stand-alone version (download latest QB File Doctor version from the internet). This version is used from the server where only the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is installed for file hosting purposes.Is it worthy to use Quickbooks File Doctor ? There is no doubt that QuickBooks file doctor has most significance while working with QuickBooks software, all your data and company files that QuickBooks have are very important for you, but what happens some time, you face issues in accessing your company files at that time QuickBooks file doctor is the only option for you to save your files from crashing. Just hit the start button and run QB file doctor to recover your files. Once the all is done you will be notified with the current status of the files that you were working with. 

How to Use Built-in QuickBooks File Doctor?

Best thing about QuickBooks file doctor is that it automatically detects the error and launch itself, you just only need to run the tool by clicking on the start button , rest all option are as same as the standalone QuickBooks file doctor version 1. Launch the QuickBooks without opening the company file.
2. Next step is to Click on the File Menu >>> Utilities >>> Repair File and Network Problems to launch -QBFD.3. Select the company file that needs diagnosis and Repair and clicks Open.4. Select the type of fix you want your file to undergo and Next.5. Enter the Administrator user name and password for the company file when prompted the select Next.6. Now be patient your file repairing process has been started7. Try to open the file after the diagnosis and fix process ends. 

That was all the necessary information that is required by you to be familiar with QuickBooks file doctor and get your files repaired whenever  you need it, in any case you ever feel any issue regarding your QuickBooks file doctor you may call at QuickBooks support phone number  +1-800-536-0316